About us

VITVIU is a Norwegian kid's wear brand, providing comfortable and fun everyday unisex pieces for kids ages 2-10 years.  All clothes are made from 100% certified organic fairtrade cotton. 


Founder of VITVIU is Sigrid Bjørkum, an architect and designer, living with her two boys and husband in Oslo. Sigrid is formerly known as the blogger Siggelicious, being one of the first major fashion- and lifestyle bloggers in Norway. 

The design is made in collaboration with Moiré Agency. Teaming up with Moiré made the dream of a establishing a new norwegian kid's brand possible. The designers behind the agency, Charlotte Fische and Linn Sannes Brevik, have over 20 years of combined experience in the fashion industry, and have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and drive to satisfy market demands and tastemakers alike. 

All kids clothes are fair trade and GOTS certified. 

Any questions? Contact us at hello@vitviu.com or use the contact form.

 Photo: Therese Fische


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